GDPR Audit

We maintain in your organization a high quality data protection.

Assessment guidance is based on our sources including: EDPB, ISACA, IAPP, Solvay Brussels School.
Methods are based on the competences inventory as lectured at the Program in European Data Protection study.
Experts are certified professionals with senior level expertise.

For whom ?

Executive Management

Ensure compliance and return on investment.


Ensure adequate processing by processor carrying personal data.

Processors owners.

Obtain a GDPR certification.

Anybody else implicated in GDPR implementation.

Obtain necessary assurance.

Flexible offers depending of your needs.

Conduct self Assessment

Conducted by your own personnel with guidance.

GDPRPRO delivers you a status regarding your complicance with GDPR, on DPO responsiveness and/or on controller/processor readiness.


GDPR Quick Scan

Conducted by a GDPR senior expert.

The Senior expert will assess all your activities regarding an agreed upon reference. Besides, we will deliver you an opinion based on the 5 domains of compliance that is required by GDPR.


GDPR Audit

Conducted by a multi-disciplined expert team.

Multiple experts qualified in each domains of competence will strongly support you on internal controls for each of those specific domains of compliance in line with management or audit requirements. It prepares you also for certification (GDPR art. 42)


GDPR Certification

Conducted by your own personnel with guidance.

The certification shall be voluntary and available via a process that is transparent (GDPR art. 42/3). We are available to assist clients in preparing for the certification.


The five domains of competences on which our audits are based on.

Conceptual - Legal

Business management requires to ensure that all legal requirements are understood and a compliance strategy is developed with respect to GDPR principles.

Risk Based

Stakeholders require to ensure that based on acknowledged legal requirements all compliance objectives are developed based on proper Data Protection Risk Assessment and Operational risk analysis.

Program Adequacy

Ensure that the controller and/or the processors carry out compliance transformations with all necessary program and project controls with reasonable budget, resources and delivery objectives.

Privacy By Design

Ensure that implemented controls, applications, infrastructure and services are built with sustainable design and are monitored, evaluated and assessed when necessary.


Ensure that the DPO and process managers rely on adequate internal controls and operational requirements including the controller/processor relationship, Breach handling, and subjects requests.

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